Website errors are bad. Nobody likes them.

You don’t. Your friends don’t. Your colleagues don’t.

Your clients don’t like website errors.

You probably had a negative experience with website errors. On your own website, or someone else’s website.

It does not matter.

Website errors s*ck. They are stopping us from focusing on things that matter.

The unfortunate truth is – website errors are everywhere.

And they slow us down.

And they frustrate us.

And they take away our energy.

And they move customers away from us.

You are not alone

I was struggling with the same issues in the past.

Updating plugins or themes became a nightmare as I had to check each page individually and to look for the issues.

Implementing the caching system was painful and I was not sure if it went well. Sometimes, my clients got in touch to tell me something is wrong.

Why there is no a simple tool to do this for me, I was asking myself?

I tried a couple of tools. Some were too complex, others were too expensive.

So, I got an idea.

Let’s make the tool that will be simple to use, efficient and not too expensive.